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Online poker is a form of gambling that has been around for years and is popular in America and many other countries. And when it comes to online poker, sites like America’s Cardroom are among the top and most preferred sites. Players make use of various HUD tools in their poker games on America’s Cardroom.

America’s Cardroom is a large gambling establishment founded in 2001 in San José, Costa Rica. This site, which is quite ambitious in gambling, has quite a lot of players. But every poker player does their best to win the game. That’s why HUD is an option that most professionals will want to use.

Does America’s Cardroom Allow HUD’s?

Yes, ACR (America’s Cardroom) allows its players to use the HUD. Most players in ACR use HUD (head-up display) to improve or assist their games. The main point of using a HUD is that it gives you a historical analysis of a player directly at the poker table and helps you make decisions throughout the game.

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What is Poker HUD?

Poker HUD is one of the best choices for those who are new to online poker, have experienced it live and are transitioning to online, or have not yet mastered it. HUD is a helpful assist tool seen as essential in today’s demanding online betting games.

HUD, or head-up display, is an application that collects statistics about your opponents while in the game and displays them for you. So this means that with the help of HUD, you can analyze your opponent’s past matches and understand what kind of player they are.

When you bet, check or fold, you can look at how your opponent plays or reacts in similar situations before making your moves. Information is displayed on panels next to each player directly at the poker table. A hardcore player who just bets on a great hand, or a strong player who stays competitive even postflop? Thanks to the HUD, you have the chance to learn all of these based on statistics.

How Does Poker HUD Work?

HUDs use match history, a feature that poker sites offer. By collecting information from these histories, it creates a statistical map of the opposing player and displays them in percentages during the game. As soon as a game ends, the HUD automatically saves that game’s history as data and uses it for future games. In short, HUD is a bot that collects information from game summaries.

This means that every action of you and every player at the same table is recorded for the future. With each game, the database grows larger and with the help of Poker HUD, it is possible to immediately understand which player you played with before and what your game route was like.

Many statistics are available in Poker HUD and you can optimize them. These statistics will help you make better decisions and create a second nature. Since your HUD is updated in real time, you will be able to view your opponents’ moves without missing out.

And there are special HUDs that you can choose according to the type of game you are playing. Since creating custom HUDs is not easy for beginners, you can buy ready made HUDs created by professionals.

The most common HUD statistics:

VP$IP: It stands for voluntary put money($) in pot and tells in what percent of cases a player put money in the pot preflop. With this statistic, you can quickly get a grip on how tight or loose a player is, possibly as quickly as within 40-50 hands.

PFR: It stands for Preflop Raise and shows how often a player raises before the flop in %. It helps you to understand if your opponent is tight-aggressive, tight-passive, loose-aggressive, or loose-passive before the flop.

AGG: Shortly, it tells your how aggressive the player is. This aggression statistic displays how often a player bets or raises after the flop in relation to checking. If the number increases, the level of aggressiveness increases also. 

3Bet: Shortly, it displays how often a player re-raises (three-bets).

Postflop: It shows how often a player bet the flop, turn or river.

Advantages of the Poker HUD

1. You are always one step ahead

The best thing about HUD is that you are always one step ahead of your opponent because you know your opponent’s next step before he takes it. It also means knowing the mistakes or good moves your opponents will make. Sometimes, if you look at your opponent’s statistics before making a move and act accordingly, you can make the right decision.

For example, when deciding which hands to bluff with or which ones are good enough to make a bet, you need to look at your opponent’s fold to flop continuation bet statistic. If you have these values, you can make your moves and win the hand as if you know your opponent.

2. Makes you a professional player 

The secret to most pro players is to actually use and master the Poker HUD. This will help you maximize your profits. Being a good HUD user will definitely give you some advantages over your competitors.

But of course, the HUD you choose and use has a huge impact on this. Things will become easier and more successful for you when you get your HUD from a good site. You can opt for HUDs crafted by successful online poker players.

3. Do not miss any detail in multi-tables

When playing multiple tables, the HUD will become more necessary for you than usual. Because when you play two or more tables at the same time, more information emerges that you need to pay attention to and process. Many HUD players prefer the HUD just so they don’t miss what’s going on at other tables so they can always stay on top of it.

4. Get to know yourself

The HUD also lets you look at your own stats. So you can identify your own flaws and become a better player. Finding your mistakes in each hand and correcting your deficiencies will increase your winning rate.

In addition, even if you do not use HUD, you always have the chance to improve yourself and learn by reading articles in areas such as online poker and online casino. This will greatly increase both your winning and profit rate.

Disadvantages of the Poker HUD

1. Sites that do not allow the use of HUD

There are poker sites today that never allow the use of the Poker HUD. This is because these sites support completely natural gameplay and want to prevent professionalization. In addition, these sites are based on entertainment and want to protect their customers who play for fun.

For several years some popular sites have decided that many utilities, including the HUD, are prohibited to use, and they want to keep things natural. So if your favorite poker site is not HUD supported, it can create problems for you along with a loss.

2. Sometimes it limits your decisions

Blindly relying on percentages when playing poker is not trusty at all. Yes, you can benefit from statistics and this will increase your chances of winning, but you should not ignore your own knowledge and skills.

After all, the HUD is a software bot, they can be powerful tools if used properly, but that doesn’t mean a good HUD will work on its own. Even when using the HUD, you need to think about your game and strive for the most efficient results.

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