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Interested in poker games? Or are you looking for online poker games? Then this article is exactly for you. You can play the Zynga Poker application either from your web browser on a computer or by downloading it to Android or IOS phones. Zynga Poker is a multiplayer video game. And you can play online with your friends.

The most important thing you need in Zynga Poker is chips. You can run out quickly, you can inflict big losses. In these cases, there are some ways to earn free chips on Zynga Poker. Let’s examine our article together so that you do not worry about the decrease in your chips while playing poker.

How to Get Free Chips in Zynga Poker App?

With this guide, you will learn all the ways to earn free chips on Zynga Poker. With these free chips you win, you will be able to place higher bets.

How to Get Free Chips on Facebook?

You may need to periodically check Zynga Poker’s Facebook page to earn free chips. Sometimes there are promotions or contests. In addition, Zynga sends you notifications from Facebook, giving you access to free chips.

The Importance of Gold Coins

When you open an account on Zynga Poker, you have 5 Zynga Golds. If you are thinking about how to get free poker chips on Zynga Poker, what you need to do is very simple. You must play with your Zynga Golds using the slots. You can win various amounts of chips in the slot results. In the Free Lucky Bonus game, you have the chance to win the Jackpot by using the gold in your hand. If you want to raise your gold again, you can play Blackjack.

Get Gold from Tickets

You can earn more gold by winning tickets with tasks. Moreover, you have to spend your tickets for this. Also, you can increase your ticket count by competing in poker leagues and completing other challenges. You can spend your tickets in the reward center in the menu. Here are three safes you can open. These cases are Bronze, Silver and Gold. Here we advise you to open the gold safe for only 30 tickets. In short, tickets are the best way to win free chips on Zynga Poker.

Obtain Gold by Completing Quests

Sometimes the game gives you daily tasks. Tasks usually contain tickets, but can sometimes also give gold. This usually comes with an event. If you want to win gold on Zynga Poker, you need to check frequently if these events are active.

Earn Chips Through Your Friends

On Zynga Poker, you can earn chips by making new friends or communicating with your family members’ accounts. These methods can be somewhat complicated. We can send chips as small gifts to your friends playing Zynga Poker. However, there is a certain limit to gift chips on a daily basis.

Collecting Flush Cards

If you know more than one who plays the game, they can help you collect and complete the flush cards. If you can complete the cards you get extra gold.

Lucky Bonus Slot Machine

How to get free poker chips on Zynga Poker with Lucky Bonus Slot Machine? Perhaps one of the easiest ways to win free chips is to spin the slot machine. You can spin the Lucky Bonus Slot Machine for free every four hours and win chips.

Do not forget to check the slot machine often. If you have joined the VIP club, there are some bonuses you can get here as well.

Earn Chips by Watching Videos

They can optionally watch video ads to get extra free chips to Zynga players. Sometimes there is an option to watch video ads so that you can play extra spins on the Lucky Bonus Slot machine. However, in some cases, you may find that there are no Zynga video ads. This may be due to your frequent viewing of video ads before. If this is not the case, clear the app’s cookies.

Collect the Hours

You can access the collection by clicking on the clock icon on the top right in the main part of the game. Furthermore, there are millions of chips rewards for each hour collection.

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