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MyVEGAS free chips is a virtual casino game developed by Playstudios. There are also various games produced by the same studio, such as POP!Slots, myVegas Slots and My KONAMI Slots. You can also play these games through the browser by connecting your Facebook account. Apart from that, you must have a mobile device with Android or IOS to play myVegas. In addition, since the chips in myVegas Mobile Slots game run out quickly, we will try to give you information on how you can win free chips.

myVegas Mobile Free Codes

For myVEGAS Mobile, free chips were obtained by manually entering the codes in the old system. Now this system has been removed by Playstudios. In order to win Free Chips, you will be able to earn bonuses by clicking on the links we shared in our article.

myVegas: General Information 

As is known in all Myvegas games, an internet connection is required to play the game. Whether you’re playing myVegas Slots, or other games, you’ll need to earn four loyalty points if you want to access real-life world rewards.

myVEGAS free chips

With the mobile version of myVegas Slots, it’s easy to accumulate loyalty points. If you want to reach the loyalty points you want in the MyVEGAS game, you need to spend enough time in two sections. The first of these is to play slot games and the other is to complete the tasks by determining the difficulty in the myStrip-Journey section. Furthermore, these tasks are an important feature that distinguishes the game from its competitors. You can access it from the Journey tab at the bottom of your home screen. With the latest update, there are three journeys and various challenges for those journeys. For the myStrip, Shaqusta and Downtown tasks, you should buy the task cards of the difficulty determined by the recommended bet amount.

About the Mobile Game

Each fight has three distinct phases; Bronze, silver and gold challenges are challenges that you have to challenge based on your own experience. Moreover, each difficulty level has rewards of different sizes.

There are some highlights in myVEGAS Slots. Challenges and tournaments are held from time to time. If you are an experienced player, you can protect or even double your earnings by not participating in these tournaments and doing the tasks on the Strip. At the same time, with a coin in the slot machines, you get loyalty points for every spin. With each spin, it takes a portion of your chip and transfers it to the loyalty point coin meter. You will be able to earn loyalty points every time the loyalty meter is full and then the meter will reset. Remember, the higher the stake, the faster your counter will fill up.

How to earn on myVegas free chips mobile?

Chips are the most basic item you need in this game. Chips have only one feature in myVEGAS – providing the resource to play your room games. Each time you lose, your chips decrease and increase as you win. At this point, there are many ways to get the chips you need. Now we will talk about ways to get myVEGAS free chips on mobile.

  • Spin the Daily Slot Wheel: Daily spins are the biggest source of free chips for gamers. In addition, the amount of these chips and gems depends on your VIP level and the serial bonuses you get daily.
  • By collecting the Time Bonus every two hours, it allows you to get the flow of chips you need for gambling and gems that work to increase your VIP level. Moreover, the higher your VIP Level, the higher the bonus you will receive.
  • It is very easy to earn chips and loyalty points with journey tasks and various challenges.
  • Under the account section at the bottom right, there is the Daily Gift section, here are the gifts that the game and your friends have sent you. In addition, you can collect them.
  • You can get daily rewards using free chips links. They send them to your email accounts.
  • Even if you are not successful by participating in the tournaments, extra chips will be sent to everyone at the end and you will continue to win.

myVegas Free Chips Mobile Mobile Tactics and Tips

  • As with all myVegas games, the goal is always to earn loyalty points. Every slot game gives certain levels of loyalty points. This means that you should play the slot games with the lowest chips and the highest loyalty points.
  • Depending on your level, you can get maximum loyalty points with a small amount of chips in any game. It is very important at this point that you are at a high level.
  • You should pay attention to your daily loyalty point limit. After reaching the limit, you must stop playing the game.
  • The most important way to earn chips is to always start playing by storing chips. If you try to play with the chips you get daily, you may lose all your chips within 10 minutes.
  • Make sure to log in every day. You can collect chips with daily gifts and free spins.
  • Take care to do the tasks in the Journey section.
  • To continue earning more myVEGAS slots and free chips, you must collect the time bonus continuously every two hours.

If you have any tips on how to win free chips in myVegas slots games, please feel free to share them with us.

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