Free casino bonuses have become an essential marketing tool for online casinos, essential for attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. In the past, there were many bonuses with tricky conditions that made it impossible for players to withdraw their winnings.

However, with increased competition and pressure from licensing authorities, the situation has improved considerably, and it is now possible to find a good number of attractive bonuses with a level playing field of wagering requirements. Such bonuses really work in the player’s favor.

If you’re already familiar with the bells and whistles of casino bonuses, be sure to check out our list of the best casino bonuses. You can list a single type of bonus, or bonuses depending on their wagering requirements, maximum cashout amount, countries accepted, etc.

How Do Casino Bonuses Work?

A bonus is a form of reward that you get by opening an account at a casino, depositing money, or betting real money. The most common form of a bonus is a credit that you can play with and which, after fulfilling certain conditions, will be credited to your account.

Other common forms of bonuses are what are called free spins, or the refund of part of the money lost (cashback). Bonuses extend your game and give you a second chance if you lose.

You play further, even if you have already lost your initial deposit, and although the bonus conditions are often very restrictive, you still have the option of converting your bonus into withdrawable winnings.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

  • Deposit Bonus – You get bonus credit based on the amount you deposited. Most often you get 50% or 100% of your deposit, and sometimes even 200% or 300% or more. The maximum amount of the bonus is generally limited. Deposit bonuses are promoted by offering offers such as “150% bonus up to € 150”. However, pay attention to other bonus conditions, especially wagering requirements and maximum withdrawal limits, both of which are very important.
  • No deposit bonus – It is popular especially among the so-called freebies, players who want to earn money without taking any risk. It is most often given for registration, without the need to deposit money. Usually, it amounts to around € 5 to € 20, and complying with the conditions for this type of bonus is usually quite difficult.
    No deposit bonuses are the most popular type of online casino bonus. That is why we put a lot of effort into creating a great selection of no deposit bonus codes for our visitors to choose from.
  • Free Spins – You do not get free money, but you get free spins on popular slot machines selected with pre-paid credit. The winnings are not immediately credited to your account. They form a bonus credit, which requires you to fulfill additional conditions (such as a no deposit bonus). Only after fulfilling these conditions, the casino will credit your account with real money, which you can then withdraw.
  • Cashback – The casino gives you back some of the money you lost.
  • Loyalty Program – Every casino tries to keep the best players, and sweetens them with something special. The benefits offered in loyalty programs are difficult to catalog.
    Most often, these are online stores with promotional items that can be purchased with loyalty points, exclusive games, or competitions between players for jackpots or holidays abroad. Other popular benefits include lower wagering requirements for bonuses, higher play limits, and even higher withdrawal limits.

Online Casino Bonus Terms And Conditions

The attribution and withdrawal of casino bonuses are only possible after fulfilling certain conditions. Make sure you read the detailed version of the conditions on the casino website carefully. If you do not understand anything, do not hesitate to contact the casino customer service.

For each of the casinos and bonuses that has reviewed, we have listed the most important bonus conditions, including wagering requirements, maximum withdrawal limits, and allowed games.

The basic bonus conditions include:

  • Only one account opened and one bonus per person, household, IP address, email address, credit card, or bank account. If it’s really strict, don’t even try to open multiple accounts. They will not only take your bonus but could also void your fair winnings from your normal deposits.
    Some casinos (especially rogue casinos) may even suspend your casino account and keep the deposit if you violate these rules. When registering, always use your real personal information, otherwise you will not receive your winnings. The casino will verify your identity before any withdrawal and you will often need to send scans of two personal documents (ID card, driver’s license, and/or passport).
  • You cannot withdraw bonuses immediately. You should always transfer bonus amounts multiple times in the casino (so-called wagering requirements). Bonus rolls mean that the sum of your bets in any game must exceed a certain multiple of its original value. With a bonus of € 100 and a stake of € 30, you must wager € 3000 in total. If you play slots and play for $ 10, you have to spin 300 times (regardless of wins and losses). Players lose most bonuses before fulfilling their wagering requirements.
  • There are usually a few restricted casino games when playing with a bonus. Particularly in the case of games with higher payouts, like most table games, you will find restrictions or higher wagering requirements (sometimes 10x or 20x higher than the main wagering requirements).
  • Casinos often limit bonuses only to certain countries. contains information on restrictions by country. You will also find this information in the bonus conditions.
  • Some bonuses, especially no deposit bonuses, but sometimes also deposit bonuses, have maximum withdrawal limits. If, for example, a no deposit bonus comes with a maximum withdrawal limit of € 100 and a player wins € 300, they can only withdraw € 100 and the remaining amount will be forfeited.
  • To acquire bonuses, you must fill in a promotional code when depositing or registering a new account (in the case of no deposit bonuses and free spins). In some online casinos, you need to contact their support with the bonus code in order to claim the bonus.

What to Know About Online Casinos Bonuses

You should only play in casinos with a good reputation. You can try to find information about a casino’s reputation by searching using a search engine, or by looking for the casino on the industry site

If you find several justified complaints, do not open an account at this casino, no matter how attractive the bonuses it offers. has already done this research for you, so the fastest way to find out a casino’s reputation based on publicly available player complaints is to look at our online casino reviews.

The majority of casinos put these types of wording in their terms and conditions: “The casino reserves the right to modify, cancel, withdraw or refuse any bonus according to its own decision.”

For regulatory licenses, casino bonuses are only given as a gesture of goodwill on the part of the casino.

This is why these general conditions are authorized. Especially after you have won a larger amount, casinos may try to accuse you of bonus abuse and void your winnings.

If a casino deliberately decides not to pay your bonus winnings, you are left virtually powerless. You can only try to make it public and hope the casino changes its mind to protect their reputation.

Make sure you read our casino reviews carefully to avoid casinos that often use these terms against their players.

At, we like casinos that do not have this type of clause in their conditions, and that is always ready to play according to clear rules.

Take a look at our casino reviews. If we find out that a casino is using strict bonus conditions against its players, you will find these complaints in our review.

Online Casinos Bonus Hunt

Bonus hunting is the intentional abuse of bonuses, with the aim of making long-term profit. The golden age of bonus hunting was 10 years ago, when it was enough to know how to play Blackjack, and players could get a decent amount of payouts from bonuses alone.

Naturally, casinos try to prevent such abuse, and therefore the hunt for bonuses today is more difficult and risky than before. Contemporary bonus hunting mainly concerns the great variance of game strategy. In other words, it could lead to you either losing everything or winning at least 20 times the bonus amount.

It requires a good start-up capital, a judicious choice of games and game strategy, as well as a thorough knowledge of the terms and conditions.

The main risk is that on average, you only convert one bonus out of 25, and if the casino refuses to pay that bonus, you win nothing.

Other casinos would not even return your deposit to you. If you’re interested, check out our article on bonus hunting.

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