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The United Kingdom is an online gambling hotspot with hordes of online casinos and a gazillion casino games to explore in that space. However, you should only register with a legal online casino in the UK if you don’t want to get scammed. 

For starters, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is the apex gambling authority in the UK ecosystem. It regulates the activities of all online casinos and ensures that operators comply with fair and responsible gambling. The commission is quite strict with running the UK online casino industry, and that’s why online casinos that hold a UKGC license are the safest to register on.

That said, how do you choose a legal and reliable online casino from the hordes of gambling sites out there? We will show you soon. Keep reading to discover 9 criteria you can use to pick a reliable online casino to play real money games in the UK. 

  1. Licenses 

The UK online casino space is one of the most stringently regulated in the world. So, one of the first things you want to look out for is if the gambling site in question has a license.

But then there are licenses, and there are licenses. Steer clear of any license not issued by the UKGC (or the MGA in some cases). The reason is that any online casino with a UKGC-issued license can be reliable because the UK’s gambling laws back it.

Moreover, casinos that hold the UKGC license must have gone through a rigorous screening process to prove that they are fair, trustworthy, and creditworthy beyond a reasonable doubt. 

But that is not all. The UKGC monitors these websites to ensure that they adhere to their regulations and settle any issues. So you are in safe hands with an online casino that has a UKGC license.

  1. GAMSTOP Support

Ensure that any online casino that you choose to play with has GAMSTOP support. The UKGC is also big on responsible gaming. One of the measures they use to curb compulsive gambling or reduce it to the barest minimum is the adoption of GAMSTOP support

Every casino licensed by UKGC is listed on Gamstop. It is a “self-exclusion” scheme that enables players to isolate themselves from online casinos and other forms of gambling if they run the risk of addiction. The feature covers gamblers in Great Britain and Northern Ireland who want to take breaks from online gambling activities for specified periods. However, it is crucial to quickly point out that some casinos that are not on Gamstop are also safe and have independent self-exclusion support you can also choose from. 

All you need to do is contact customer support, and they will direct you on how to exclude yourself from all betting activities safely. 

  1. Array Of Available Games

All the reliable and legal online casinos in the UK have an extensive game library. They understand that providing many game options is a strong selling point in the fast-paced online gambling industry. This is because having a limited gaming selection leaves them at the mercy of better-stocked competitors.

So when looking for an excellent gambling website to explore, please take a good look at their array of games. 

The shady gambling sites are looking to make a fast profit from a limited number of games, and that could be a red flag because a reputable online gambling site that is out to stay in business will not offer only a handful of online games.

  1. What Is The Nature of Their Promotional Offers

Most reliable online casinos offer bonus offers like No Deposit, Welcome, and Reload bonuses as marketing tools to attract new players and retain existing ones.

There appears to be a standing rule with reputable online casinos in the UK. And that rule is that first-timers get to explore the demo mode of the slot machines. That way, they get to play for free before playing with money.

The idea is to give new players an overview of how slot machines work without losing any money.

But here’s the catch. 

Be sure to review the offers. Compare these offers with those from other online casinos, and be sure to go through the terms and conditions for the promotional offers. If the bonus condition is sketchy, then the odds are that the site is not transparent, and you shouldn’t register on it. 

  1. Their Software Providers

Now here is a big one. Most online casinos have to partner with software providers to create their unique gambling software. No software provider with a reputation to protect will license its game creations to an illegal gambling operator.

As such, when reviewing an online casino that you want to register with and play on, you should always check out who its software provider is. 

Water always finds its level, so reputable UK online casinos will only work with certified software providers with a reputation to protect. Therefore, an immersive game experience, the presence of games from the foremost game designers, and fair game outcome are indicators that you can trust the online casino.  

  1. What Are The Payment Solutions Available

Beyond the entertainment, you play online casino games to make money, yeah? So what are the payment options that the gambling sites offer? What currencies are also available for payment. 

You want to be mindful of these financial details because some payment methods are gateways to huge scams.

Once again, stick to UK gaming sites that offer reputable payment methods like PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney, Neteller, and Visa/Mastercard. These payment solutions vet the gambling operators they do business with, so you are less likely to be scammed by a UK online casino that accepts those payment options. 

  1. What Is Their Withdrawal Policy?

So you have made some winnings after playing, but you can’t withdraw them because of the online casino’s withdrawal policy. This is one of the trademarks of illegal online casinos that cook up obscure policies to rob players of their earnings.

Before registering, be sure to ascertain the site’s policy on withdrawing your winnings (reversals and pegged amounts). What are the verification procedures to be taken?

The reputable sites always state it clearly for all to see. The illegal online sites are often sketchy about such information, which is a red flag for their true intentions.

  1. What Do People Say About Them

Like every other niche, the online gambling space also has experts who comment and accurately assess the different online casinos. Most of the time, they write a comprehensive review that details the online casinos’ history, supported payment methods, game options, available bonuses, legality, etc.

So it is always good to tap into their wealth of experience when choosing an online casino. You can find casino reviews on various gambling portals.

Some sites also show feedback from their players because they understand the power of social proof. 

That said, not all online casino reviews are honest and comprehensive. Therefore, you should always pay attention to reviews about the gambling portals you consult and the expert you listen to.

  1. The Quality of the Customer Support

A reliable casino always boasts prompt, professional, and friendly customer support. They attend to customer needs in a swift and non-pushy way. They always feature different communication channels to ensure that players can easily reach out to them. 

Thus, you will barely find a reputable online casino that does not have top-notch customer support in today’s world. The leading casino brands have a reputation to protect, and they want to stay in the good books of the UKGC. 

So when vetting online casinos in the UK, please pay attention to this aspect of their operations.


The UK online casino market is a thriving one where you could make loads of money while having massive fun. The caveat is that you have to be mindful of the online casinos you choose to play because there are many illegal sites out to scam unsuspecting players.

The good news is you can avoid being a victim. All you need is to apply the tips we described in this article, and you can go on to have the time of your life while exploring all that the UK online casino space has to offer.

Have a blast!

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