Get noticed on Instagram!

Instagram is the most creative social media site out there. Why do you need to know this first thing? And you need to know that you’re up among world-famous photographers, genius stylists, beautiful architecture, spectacular selfies, sexy bikini models, mouth-watering burgers, jaw-dropping sunsets, breathtaking beaches, spectacular cityscapes, and Taylor Swift’s behind-the-scenes images.

The people winning Instagram are, by default, creators. This doesn’t matter what your business is or what you’re selling.

Depending on your company or corporation, you are likely to see either your face as a profile picture or your brand logo/colors. They both have key roles. Using a picture of yourself (for example, whether you’re a consultant, a service-based company, a planner, or an educator) would help customers face up to the account and start creating the vital information, like and confidence element with them.

Instagram growth the first two years
Instagram growth the first two years

Using the company logo and/or colors will have an instant and enduring effect on your audience and help increase the appeal of your brand recall. This means that anytime you show up in their feed, they will know your brand automatically. Only make sure your profile pic, whether you or your badge, is transparent and of high quality. It’s a really tiny picture, so you want to make sure that it’s not deceptive if it’s a shot of your product. The last thing you want to do is to let people confuse your soap brand for a bakery company.

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Name and keyword

Your name is the next step in developing an integrated Instagram bio. And you’re not even just going to use this segment for your name.  You can see that it is possible to use a keyword to further boost the discoverability.

If you use the Instagram brand or company name, it will suck up the 30 character cap on its own. Nevertheless, if you have the initials, try using just the first name so that you have the space to use a keyword to explain what you do/your USP. For instance, (name) + “pescatarian chef,” “Search engine expert” or “animal psychologist”.

The name and username are the only areas that Instagram recognizes in the search requests, so this is the ideal chance to feature in the feed of your intended audience as they browse for your knowledge or brand.

Free extra tip, appreciated! If you don’t have space to add your USP in the “Name” area, try swapping the two fields around. For eg, add your name in the first row of the “Bio” area, and your USP in the “Name” section. This means that you’re not going to risk turning up in the search pages.

Your services and products

The Instagram Account biography (the “Bio” area of your profile) is where you add a deal or USP (unique selling proposition). In many other terms, what you do is set you away from the market and/or your commitment to the target group – such that, what you are helping them accomplish. But with only 150 characters usable, you have to take into consideration what detail is most important to your viewers.

This part of your Instagram bio is yet another great chance to use highlights – especially if you weren’t willing to include one in the “Name” area. Using terms here lets you relate to your target group and gives your account a simple identity.

Consider the keywords that complement your beliefs and the values of your intended audience. What kind of challenges do they face (that you help to solve) and what desires do they have? Using phrases that align with your intended audience will eliminate all potential ambiguity and help them find out why you are important to them.

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If you could somehow, try to make your Instagram bio as brief as necessary to ensure it from being shortened. Most users won’t appreciate the necessary step to press “more,” so if you consider it difficult to reduce the copy, always make sure you have included the most important stuff as close to the start of your Instagram bio as necessary.