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It is common to see tips on fashion websites, bloggers’ Tik Toks, and even Instagram itself, women giving tips for the best poses and clothes to take a photo in the app. Today we brought you slightly different content, but just as important, which are good selfie poses for guys’ ideas.

In this list, you will find the best tips to shoot your photos on Instagram and make your feed beautiful. And if you want to know more about tricks to be successful on Instagram, visit our Instadps website and check out the latest tips.

To take a good selfie or full-body photo it is important to know the best poses for photos that most value the male look. This will make your photoshoot much easier and the result much more satisfying. With our tips you will take cool photos, coming out photogenic in all poses. It’s very simple, connect!

Don’t be too straight in your photos

Tilting your head can completely change the idea that the photo will pass. For example, by tilting your head towards the shoulder that is higher, you will get a stronger image. While learning to the opposite side, it will make you look more friendly. You can move your head in different ways and create several different photos, or find the angle that suits you best.

To give a cool movement to the photos, you can use your hands and make simple, common gestures, like fiddling with glasses or fixing your coat. You can still move your feet and pretend you are walking to result in a pose with even more movement.

The position of the feet is very important and changing it a little can help you create a completely different photo pose, even changing your posture. You can, for example, spread your feet apart so that your body looks broader and more impactful, or cross your feet for a more discreet appearance.

Photos sitting

Seated photos are also stylish, if the chair matches the composition of the photos then you will have the perfect photo. The ideal in the seated photos is that the chair is not facing the camera, but a little more to the side. And if you support your hands or knees together, you will still be able to create a super different and stylish photo

Hand in the pocket for photos

As simple as it may seem, taking a photo with your hand in your pocket can change the whole vibe of the photo and make it even more stylish. Besides being interesting, it is a great solution for when you don’t know what to do with your hands or arms in the photos.

Take the opportunity to put your hand in your pocket with a little movement. The best way to make movement in the photos is to take a step by step, especially in outdoor settings. That way it will look like you are walking and that the click was super spontaneous, which is different in the feed and gives that idea of ​​a photo Pinterest.

Guys Selfies

And the famous selfies? Many men do not like to ask other people to take pictures of them and this limits a little when taking pictures of the whole body, for example. So if you are from the selfies team remember to take the side that favors your best angle, turning your head a little or taking a photo more sideways can be ideal to make your selfie beautiful.

Whether smiling or more serious, men can invest in selfies that show details of their faces. Closer photos showing more of the face attract attention, and if you don’t want to make the picture so simple, you can invest in a cap or a turtleneck blouse for a photo. In addition to being super hot, it will give a more worked photo vibe.

Mirror photos are also released for men, okay? If you like to invest in the look, you can be sure that people also want to be inspired by it. I had your photos in the mirror without fear and inspire many men.

Accessories are very welcome

If you are a man who likes to wear accessories like watches and chains, make them stand out in the photos. It’s easy to do that, just leave the camera or cell phone a little closer to what you want to highlight. Oh and if you’re looking for a slightly more cult feed, how about a picture reading a book or holding a cup of coffee? Photos that seem spontaneous or that resemble your daily life are very successful in the feed.

Photographer David Suh, a specialist in male photos, says that men can avoid poses for photos that create curves on the body, as this would give a more feminine image. The ideal is to bet on straighter angles, resulting in more masculine poses. This is not a rule but a tip for men who want to make the photos more masculine, if you prefer more feminine poses feel free and enjoy.