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Instagram is a social network where the focus is on photos, but captions can help with what you want to express and also if you want to promote a product or an event. You may have already experienced the need to skip the line on Instagram to keep the caption more organized and, after posting the photo or video, realize that there was no space between the lines?

There are some rules for the app to understand the line break and we have separated some tips to help you ensure that your text will look the way you imagined. Check it out and take the opportunity to know other tips on how to optimize your use on instagram> here.

Use the Enter key

The simplest way to skip the line on Instagram is using a function that we are already used to: the Enter key, which is present on computers and cell phones. Even using the enter key, you can see that Instagram doesn’t always realize that what you want to do is skip a line. There are two ways to avoid this

  • Do not use emojis at the beginning of the paragraph that comes after the line break.
  • Do not add space before or after a line break.

You can use the invisible character

To make it even easier to read your texts on Instagram, you need to build clear and organized content. In this context, you need to use a false space, inserting an invisible character in the formatting. Each character we type is made up of a different code. When pressing the space bar or the “enter” several times, Instagram counts the digit code only once.

So, even if you use the space several times on your cell phone keypad to format the caption, after publication, it ends up without them. That’s where the invisible character comes in. Like the space bar and the “enter”, it does not create a visible digit, but the platform perceives it differently than normal spaces.

What is the invisible character?

The invisible character is more than a Braille pattern, recognized only by a screen reader. Therefore, it is not visible to most Instagram users. So it is important to remember that the use of the invisible character can affect the experience of users with visual impairments. Use this function only when Instagram does not allow the use of the enter key.

Use the invisible character in the bio

A bio is also a place where many people want to use the space or the bottom line to write a little about them. Many people are unable to organize the bio and this frustrates them, so we have gathered here a step by step on how to keep your bio organized by following the tips on our website.

  1. Open your Instagram account and profile;
  2. Click on the “Edit Profile” button;
  3. Copy the blank space that is enclosed in quotes (space only) and paste between the content you want to separate;
  4. Click “Save”.

This way you will have separate and beautiful content on your Instagram and you can format it in the way you see fit.

Why format Instagram captions and bio?

And you must be asking yourself, but why do I need to make these spaces beautiful and why invest in content both in subtitles and in bios? When we talk about using all the Instagram tools, we also talk about the goals of commercial accounts and brands in presenting content, disclosing prices for products and services, making contacts, and the best calls to action.

Breaking lines with the invisible character can be the secret to keeping your posts cleaner and more organized. A well-made caption makes more people read your content. Consequently, you are more likely to impact new people. It is these details that seem minimal, but that ends up making all the difference.

How important is captioning on Instagram?

You have probably seen celebrities post photos on Instagram with the caption in white and still get thousands of likes and comments. However, this is because these people have millions of followers. Most companies do not have this “celebrity factor” in their favor. Therefore, they are not able to have the same level of engagement to pump the feed with a single post.

Keep in mind that Instagram is a completely visual platform, the base of which is formed by photos and videos. Having a strong look, with striking images, is important to attract users’ attention, but it is not always enough to promote conversions.

How to create a good caption?

As you saw, the caption of the images published on Instagram is a great ally to establish a more certain communication with your target audience. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in practices that make your captions more powerful to generate leads. If you use any tool to post on Instagram on your PC, remember to check out the final post on your phone.

Make your writing objective

The purpose of the caption is to talk about the story behind the image. If the photo or video is related to a promotion, event, or contest, the caption must point out all the details to participate in this campaign.

Explain what it is, the steps to sign up, and when it will happen, for example. If the subject is about the brand or company, the text has to explain who is involved in the image and the location where the photo was taken. That’s because the situation affects your target audience and other contexts that are relevant to your followers.

Be direct in your texts

When writing a caption, you need to consider the way it is written. Nowadays, when we view the Instagram feed, we notice that content with more than two lines has a “… more” to shorten the text. This reduction is used so that the feed remains more visual, but it also indicates that the written caption will only be read if people click on the text.

Knowing this, it is important that the first sentence of your bio or legend is the most impactful, so people will be interested in reading the rest of the content. This first part must be objective and eye-catching. For this, you can use questions, emojis, and statements.

Make short paragraphs

The use of captions brings context to the publications of your photos and that is why you need to write something that makes people want to read your texts until the end. To ensure that this happens, you can separate content into short paragraphs, following our space hints, so subtitles can be read more easily.

There are no rules covering how to use Instagram’s best algorithms to write, so you can use paragraphs, lists, hashtags, and spaces, depending on the aesthetic you want to show followers.

You may have already experienced the need to skip the line, today we will teach you how to add line breaks in Instagram bio