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You can delete comments that you have made, as well as those that others have made in newsfeed posts. In other people’s feeds, of course, you can only delete comments that you have made yourself (or report and report). But what many people are looking for is deleting comments from something they regretted or even offensive.

As we said above, you can only delete comments that you have made yourself, but that does not mean that you cannot report offensive comments and other things in that style.

In today’s post, we did a step by step that includes several tips, from deleting a comment on Instagram without the person knowing it, to denouncing or preventing any kind of comments in your posts.

The first walkthrough is the basics for deleting comments

  1. Find in your profile the post with the comment to be deleted;
  2. Touch the chat bubble icon below the photo;
  3. Find the comment and tap on it on Android (the background will turn blue);
  4. Swipe left on the comment on the iPhone (or tap too);
  5. At the top of the interface, touch the trash can icon to delete.

Once deleted, you have a few seconds to repent and cancel. A red stripe at the top will appear suggesting the action. After disappearing, there will be no turning back. To avoid unwanted comments, you can disable the option completely.

How to enable or disable comments in a single post

You can completely disable comments to prevent people from leaving messages on a specific post. When you disable comments, all comments that have already been made and are currently active are hidden (no one will be able to see them).

If comments are enabled again, those previously made (which were hidden) will be restored – you can use the tip above and manually delete those you want – and everyone can leave new comments.

  1. Find the post you want to disable comments;
  2. Touch the three-point menu at the top of your post;
  3. Select “Disable Comments” (or “Enable Comments);


You can also disable comments before posting the photo or video. On the screen where you add a caption or location, tap “Advanced Settings” and then “Disable comments”. The post goes live without comment.

How to block (prevent) someone from commenting

If the problem is someone known (or you have already identified a troll) you can block this profile, preventing you from commenting on your photos. By blocking someone to prevent their comments, they will continue to see your posts, but will not be able to comment on them.

  1. Access your Instagram profile;
  2. Touch the gear (on the iPhone) or the three-point menu (on Android);
  3. Under “Settings”, touch “Comment controls”;
  4. Next to “Block comments from”, tap “People”;
  5. Enter the name of the person you want to block and tap “Block”.

To allow her to comment again, tap “Unblock” next to her name. Note that when you block someone, that person’s previous comments are not automatically removed. You can block the person from accessing your profile.

In “allow comments from”, you can choose between:

  • All;
  • People you follow and people who follow you;
  • People you follow;
  • His followers.

How to filter comments with bullying and offenses

Another option is to filter out inappropriate comments that appear on your Instagram account. Offenses or bullying are automatically filtered and removed. Comments are already filtered by default, but you can change this setting, see:

  1. Access your Instagram profile;
  2. Touch the gear (on the iPhone) or the three-point menu (on Android);
  3. Under “Settings”, touch “Comment controls”;
  4. Activate the switch next to “Hide offensive comments”;

You can also activate a keyword filter to hide comments that contain specific words, phrases, numbers, or emojis in your Instagram account.

  1. In “Commentary Controls”;
  2. Tap next to “Manual filter”;
  3. Enter specific words, phrases, numbers, or emojis separated by commas in the text box to filter comments. You can also use the “standard keyword filter” (just below). It is not available in all languages.

When you activate the filter, it will be applied to new and existing comments. When you disable the comment filter, the filtered comments will be restored.

Social media can last forever, but a comment with a typo, or one that you regret posting for another reason, doesn’t have to stay if you don’t want to. On Instagram, you can go back and delete it. So it is important to know how to delete a comment on Instagram.

For example, you can delete someone’s comments on one of your own posts (beware of spammers), but you can only delete your own comment on someone else’s post.

See how to delete any type of comment on Instagram on your iPhone or Android or on a computer.

  1. Open your Instagram app, log in if you’re not already logged in, and find the post with the comment you want to delete.
  2. Touch the comment icon (speech bubble) or any comment below the post.
  3. iPhone users must slide the comment they want to delete to the left to isolate it; Android users must tap and/or hold the comment to select it.
  4. Touch the trash can icon to delete your comment.

How to delete an Instagram comment on your computer

  1. Go to, log in if necessary, and locate the post with the comment you want to delete.
  2. Click on the post and hover over the comment (you’ll see three dots in the right corner of the comment).
  3. Click on these three points and select “Delete”.

Instagram included some tools to try to reduce bad comments, hate speech, and bullying on social networks. One is to delete unwanted comments and automatically block offensive terms – with a filter that can receive new words whenever necessary. Users can also continue to block accounts with inappropriate behavior and report abuse to Instagram.