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Preparation and optimizing your Instagram profile picture may sound like a lot of effort, but trust us – it pays off. Your profile photo is your calling card and the first thing Instagram users look at when they visit your profile. Want a terrific Instagram profile picture?

Although tiny and insignificant in the mobile photostream, the profile pages on the web have gained prominence. You’re going to want to make sure yours is at its best! Did you know that people draw conclusions from a picture of a human in as little as 30 to 40 milliseconds?

That’s less time than it takes to say “thousand seconds!” The small size of Instagram along with the split second that creates a good impression means that you need to optimize your profile picture. These tips are relevant to ALL photos of the social media profile.

I highly recommend that you keep your avatar the same on all your business accounts.

Decide Between a Personal Photo or a Company Logo

First, you need to determine if a picture of yourself or a company logo or an icon makes the most sense for your Instagram account. Here are some factors that need to be considered to help you make a decision:

A logo makes sense for a company account with multiple owners or staff. It’s also quick to find your loyal followers in the feed and in the Instagram Posts!

You can always download the Instagram feed picture of someone and see in full size how they’ve posed.

Groups of companies that benefit from a logo profile image: retail, media, professional services

A personal picture makes sense for a brand or business that’s just built around you. Company styles that benefit from a photo profile image: bloggers, lifestyle photographers, influencers, and soloists.

Instagram profile picture size in 2020

Instagram profile picture size in 2020

Don’t use a picture off-center. Playful angles and imaginative shots work well in your daily Instagram images, but they also make it difficult to cropping and center your profile photos.

Know, you’re going to need to upload a 1:1 square that is then cropped into a circle for your Instagram profile photo. To get an eye-catching profile shot, you’re going to want the subject of your photo (whether it’s a headshot or a logo) to be centered and as wide as possible in that limited space.

Choose a picture with good light and strong contrast. Muted, subtle shades in the Instagram profile photos can be hard to see in the thumbnail unless there is a strong contrast between the context and the subject. You can use all the whites, all the blacks, or any hue that your outfit (and you) pops up against!

High Contrast Photo on Instagram

Don’t pick a trendy picture you’re going to have to refresh frequently

With Instagram’s challenges coming off, your profile picture after seasons, holidays, or current events seems to be a good way to get in on the fun. However, in the long run, this only means that you’re going to turn your picture more often. Who’s got time for that? Stick with a picture or logo that is timeless and needs to be changed only once and for a while.

Don’t take your esthetic and profession into account in styling. A photo is worth a thousand words, and your profile picture is your first call card for new and future followers. Please ensure it clearly conveys the aesthetics of your Instagram posts and your Instagram stories and communicates what you do!

For eg, photographers might be holding a camera as a prop, or a baker’s blogger might be holding a mixing bowl or a scrumptious dessert. Photographer keeps the camera in the photo profile. Your Instagram profile picture color palette should also match the brand colors that appear most prominently in your feed.

Don’t take a full body picture. Refresher: the profile photo is a 110 x 110 circle on a cell phone and a 180 x 180 circle on a desktop. It’s a small 40 x 40 circle in the feed! It’s a small room, and it’s almost impossible to make full body and distance shots. So when you take a photo of your profile, concentrate on framing your head and shoulders in the frame.

Do Crop and Resize Your Photo Before You Upload.

You will save a lot of headaches by preparing your pictures before you upload them. Crop your picture to a square (and scale if necessary.) 200 x 200 works great! We wouldn’t suggest more than 500 x 500 at max because IG would compress the picture. By doing this, you can double-check the centering and framing to ensure that important details are not missed when your new profile image is seen in the Instagram circle frame.

Don’t take a single shot.

You can be tempted to call it one and done, but take at least 5-10 different photo choices for your profile. Test different props, gestures, and poses to find out what gives life to your personal Instagram branding. Extra, if you don’t want to use the same picture across all of your social media sites, you can use any of these other photos!

Just note to make sure your profile picture doesn’t fit the cover images on your other social media platforms (think LinkedIn and Facebook!).

Smile and show your kind of personality!

You don’t want to look staid and unapproachable though you do want to look like a company. Note that people are doing business with people they know, like, and trust. The first step to being compassionate is to smile. Make eye contact, demonstrate your personality in your pose!

Positive vibrations are attractive. Neutral expressions are dull, guy.

An Instagram profile picture smiling

An Instagram profile picture smiling

Clothes are making the brand

Although we’re not showing much of your outfit (unless you’re a model), wear anything similar to your face that suits your brand’s aesthetics.

Adventurers, Adventure Dress. Beachpreneurs / laptop lifestylers should dress up for the beach. Public speakers and business consultants should dress up as they are prepared to take the stage or talk to the CEO. Bonus points if you wear the color of your store! Plus, it’s certainly a “plus” to bring your brand colors and aesthetics through your Instagram gallery.