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From the moment social networks were created, human life has changed drastically.  They have become extremely important and have an incredible impact on every individual who becomes a part of them. One of the most popular and most used social networks is Instagram a social media that is getting bigger and bigger every time.

According to many statistics, there are nearly 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram. That is a big number, right? However, this number is expected to grow even more given the trend that Instagram has among people all around the world, especially among the young ones.

Instagram is probably the most popular social network and that is for many reasons. Ranging from its simplicity as an app, its user-friendly, its great features, to the importance it can have in every possible area of life.

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Instagram elements

There are many elements why Instagram is so popular and of great importance to people.  We will try to show you some of these elements that make Instagram a highly valued social media by users around the world.

First of all, Instagram is free, it does not cost you a single thing to be a part of it! Is very easy to access, has an extraordinary app and very easy to use for anyone and any age!

We, humans, are social creatures, we like to tell others about the things that happen in our lives, sometimes in detail, whether we go shopping, if we eat something, up to the trips we make and the possible successes that we achieve!

Instagram is the perfect social media for all of this, because of the simplicity to use it and the ability of the app to load quickly our contents that we want to share with others at any time and any place, of course as long as you have internet access! Unique ideas and layout set Instagram apart from other social media networks.

The first days of Instagram

In the beginning, Instagram was just a photo-sharing social network, but now in itself, it contains all features of other social media platforms. Now you can post multiple photos or videos in a single post, you can make stories, you can message anyone you want, and of course, you can like and comment to your friends or people that you follow! However, people are not using Instagram only for these features, now this social media platform is used by its users for various aspects. So, this social media platform is taking on even bigger proportions!

With each passing day, Instagram is being used more and more as a source for financial benefits. It is also being used as a tool for many social issues. Everything that interests you and you want to know more about it, you can find it on this amazing platform.

On Instagram, there are always growing trends. They change depending on the events that take place. Trends that take on great proportions quickly, as a result of the features and popularity contained in this extraordinary app.

How Instagram started

How Instagram started

Instagram Live

Instagram Live is arguably the most creative innovation that people behind this platform have brought to its users. It’s is a great way to deepen your relationships with your followers, by sharing actual moments with them, or even for business and marketing purposes. With the ‘Live’ option, you can benefit in many ways.

Instagram TV (IGTV)

As we mentioned before, Instagram was just a photo-sharing social network. But with the evolution of the app, people could also post videos, but with a duration of only one minute. While today, with IGTV, we can watch videos of different durations. For most accounts, videos can be up to 10 minutes long and up to one hour for larger and important accounts. Seeing how the Instagram update has worked so far, eventually, there will be no time limit for any video. This sounds like the next YouTube, does it?

Instagram Shopping

Shopping is one of the greatest activities of human beings. Shopping is already a growing trend on Instagram. For both buyers and sellers, this platform is becoming the right option to practice this unstoppable activity. On Instagram, you can find the products you want to purchase, without having to visit a website. Sellers can make the right description and that is enough for their customers to understand more about the product they have for sale. It is a win-win situation.

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AR Effects – (Augmented Reality)

Augmented reality is already a fact on Instagram! AR is a fun, funny, and extremely intriguing feature. It is a very hot trend right now and is getting more and more dynamic! But Augmented Reality effects are not just for fun, because if you have a brand, then you can use it as a tool to create effects for your brand so that your followers can use them in their posts and stories. Thus, you will do marketing for your product in a creative and highly attractive way!


One might say why the hashtag is considered an important and valuable trend? Perhaps, because it brings together many initiatives and many movements. People and communities use them to support each other in certain issues. Also, people with personal businesses or big brands use them as marketing and promotion for their products.

Explore Tab is Getting Wider

The Explore tab on Instagram dictates and promotes content similar to what you like and follow. The Explore tab is the place to find the things that interest you. There you can find everything you want. Of course, there you can people you want to follow. Now, the explore tab is much bigger and there are many more opportunities to explore, always keeping the suggestions based on the content you follow and like.

Other Social Media Platforms on Instagram

Another trend that is taking shape on Instagram is the invasion of other social media on this giant platform. For example posts from other social networks, like Twitter quotes or TikTok videos are a growing trend. Instagram users are posting them across their personal accounts to bring innovation to their posts. And is proving to be a very effective method, because through this method people are increasing the number of followers, likes, and comments on their posts.


Captions have been present since the launch of this great platform, and undoubtedly they have a very important role when it comes to making posts more compelling and meaningful. Long captions have become a trend today. People are liking this approach because they are making sense of their posts, whether for simple, artistic or marketing purposes. We believe that this trend will always be present as long as Instagram exists!

In this article, we tried to bring you a mix between the history of Instagram, its importance, and the growing trends on this giant platform.