Make the best out of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a perfect way to connect with your Instagram community. In reality, more than 500 million people around the world Instagram Stories every day at the end of 2018.

That’s about twice as much as Snapchat. There is no question that Instagram Stories should be part of every account’s ads in 2020 and beyond. It’s worth mentioning that we’ve seen a substantial decrease in the engagement rate for daily updates, though Story engagement has remained high. So if you don’t make Instagram Posts, you’re losing out.

Using your location

It’s not a mistake that first came up with this concept. It’s big to use location markers in your stories. So all accounts get about 50 percent more views. Integrate it with the related hashtags and you’re going to catch your stories in three more videos. More views = more fans, yes. Simple enough, man.

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Ask a question wedge

Instagram launches new updates every once in a while. A little while ago, we got a chance to do the polling. Undoubtedly, Instagram aims to push additional features and reward great accounts likes, and ranks to make the audience embrace their new updates.

Running the polls isn’t so fresh today, but it’s also a terrific way to get the viewers to do something. Having somebody to do something for you allows them more such as you and increases their chances of doing something more for you in the future, for example (#technology). The trick to making the surveys is to ask simple questions for very quick responses.

How Many People Use Instagram Stories?
How Many People Use Instagram Stories?

Encourage fans to send you messages

Since the big algorithm improvements at the end of 2018, more people talking about the declining engagement rate. Today, Instagram is seeking to serve ads depending on what you want to see. When you open your feed, you’re likely to see content from accounts that you identify and are actively engaging with.

Getting a direct message to somebody else is a really powerful indication of Instagram. It shows them that the person you’re referring to is a friend of yours, not just a random account that you used to follow back in 2016. Ask people to give you a letter. Growing your interaction levels is one thing, but you can still be sincerely involved in having actual relationships with your followers and clients. That’s exactly what social media can be about. True friendship.


Thinking of selling a product? This is fantastic! Doing teasers for the forthcoming launch is a perfect way to warm the viewers up. Use both photos and video posts.

Using stickers

Using stickers when you’re really feeling wild. You can do very funny stuff with the use of stickers in Instagram Posts. Dream of doing #weekendvibes, for example.

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Do Shoutouts

Hey, shoutouts are still running on Instagram. It’s a perfect way to create positive relationships with colleagues you like sharing related content with you. Further, if you’ve spent a lot of time creating the beautiful Instagram feed appearance, don’t you just want to share screenshots of someone’s feed right there? The best thing about Stories is that they will not have to look spectacular. They just have to get the message out and have a clear call to action.

Should You Use Instagram Stories for Business?
Should You Use Instagram Stories for Business?

Success Stories

If you’re working for companies, or if you have a product that aims to fix a dilemma for your consumers, then make sure to add some of that social evidence in your Instagram Stories too though. One of the easiest ways to do this is to show the real reviews on the screenshots.

This is what makes it seem real. You should take the extra mile to invite your consumers to submit a video witness statement that you can post to Stories. If you don’t have time and people give their testimonials without asking, then making quick screenshots is the best way to get started.

Make your wallpapers

If you are very good with graphic software, you can create beautiful smartphone wallpapers that users can download. If you weren’t good at this, just recruit a freelancer to send you some amazing wallpapers in your niche. People are in love with wallpapers. This is a perfect branding channel for the brand. Any time people open their phones, they’re reminded about you and you.