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Good selfie poses for guys ideas

It is common to see tips on fashion websites, bloggers’ Tik Toks, and even Instagram itself, women giving tips for the best poses and clothes to take a photo in the app. Today we brought you slightly different content, but just as important, which are good selfie poses for guys’ ideas. In this list, you […]


How to Take Pictures of the Stars With a Phone

Going for a walk on a beautiful night and seeing that the stars are in perfect alignment. Of course, you want to take the opportunity and take a picture that you can post on Instagram. Or just want to have it on your phone so you can see it from time to time to remember […]

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Best Selfie Poses for Couples – Be Cute With Your Love

When you are in a relationship, you like to take as many pictures as you can to look back at them after some time. Although you want to take many pictures, you will need to make some effort and need to learn some good poses that you can do in your pictures with your person. […]

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Instagram Profile Picture Experts, listen up!

Preparation and optimizing your Instagram profile picture may sound like a lot of effort, but trust us – it pays off. Your profile photo is your calling card and the first thing Instagram users look at when they visit your profile. Want a terrific Instagram profile picture? Although tiny and insignificant in the mobile photostream, […]