The power and importance of Instagram

That Instagram has increased its importance and essential part of our daily life, is no longer a secret! This giant platform is invading every corner of the world. Everyone is becoming part of Instagram, regardless of age or place where they live. From children aged seven-eight years to those over seventy years old, from villages […]

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How Instagram impacts us without us realizing it

Social media use has quadrupled over the last decade and a half. Meanwhile, just 5% of adults in the United States registered using the social media site in 2005, that figure is now about 70%. But, specifically, it’s amazing how Instagram impacts us without us realizing it. Development in the amount and time spent on […]

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Instagram’s New Design 2020

Instagram brings its TikTok rival Reels front and center in an updated version of the app by awarding it the center spot on its new navigation screen. The update of Instagram’s new design, which comes today, also replaces the Action tab (heart icon) with the Shop tab, following a test that updated this feature of […]