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That Instagram has increased its importance and essential part of our daily life, is no longer a secret! This giant platform is invading every corner of the world. Everyone is becoming part of Instagram, regardless of age or place where they live. From children aged seven-eight years to those over seventy years old, from villages and cities, everyone is joining this social network which since its launch, has changed our lives and our world forever!

The impact of Instagram and it’s importance is getting stronger day by day. Its influence is extending to every field and aspect of life. There is no potential activity that Instagram has not undertaken. From the most random things to the most extravagant ones, can be found and explored on Instagram!

Everything that you are passionate about, you have it there. If you are a food lover, a fashion admirer, if you are passionate about art, any kind of art, cinematography, music, reading, painting, etc, sports, or even memes, you can find them all in hundreds and thousands of accounts from people all over the world!

But the power and importance of Instagram are even greater.
Instagram is the favorite media channel for influencer marketing

Instagram is the favorite media channel for influencer marketing

This constantly growing platform, people are using it for every activity and event that happens in life. They are even using it for financial gain, and it is probably fair to say that Instagram is becoming more and more a source of income!

Big brands and small ones, people with personal businesses, are using Instagram as a tool to promote and sell their products.

Instagram, like any other social network, is a platform where people express their opinions about world events, especially when it comes to human and animal rights. An action like online activism is very simple and easy to act on nowadays, and all this thanks to social networks, especially to Instagram. Through posts, comments, hashtags, you can give your support for any possible cause, thus raising your voice and joining millions of people around the world!

And trust us, it does make a difference!

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Instagram has also become a target of influencers, who use the popularity and influence of this great platform to make fame and at the same time to profit financially!

Any influencer can benefit in one way or another, as those most influential influencers, even micro-influencers, and nano influencers, all have the opportunity to benefit from Instagram! All it takes is a slightly larger number of followers, to be honest, and authentic in whatever you represent, to be creative, and to interact with those who follow you!

To verify all of the above, we will try to structure the article by mentioning the reasons why big brands, influencers, people, and organizations that deal with different movements use Instagram to achieve their goals!

Brands and Businesses on Instagram

With over one billion users worldwide, and with this number continuing to grow, even more, Instagram is the preferred platform for brands and businesses to increase their clientele. Through their Instagram accounts, brands target their audience. With such a large number of people active on Instagram, any business can reach the top. The size of the business doesn’t matter, this applies to large brands as well as small brands.

It is understood that it is not as simple as it seems, because you have to be as active as possible, as creative as possible and you have to build trust and connection with customers! It must also be understood that marketing is the key to the success of business growth and development. Instagram is the ideal place to promote your product, as there is so much room to be creative and authentic through marketing.

Brands on social media

Brands are flocking to Instagram

On Instagram you can use the option of posts, stories, IGTV, and probably the best possible option are Instagram Live, an option that allows you to create engagement, at the same time strengthen the connections with your current followers and gain new followers.

Of course, the chances of greater benefits are if you turn your account into a business account. With a business account, Instagram users find it easier to understand the seriousness and sincerity behind a brand and its product. Nowadays almost 50% of Instagram users explore accounts of different brands and businesses, and a considerable part of these users, purchase exactly through Instagram.

So if you have a business, we recommend promoting it on Instagram, on this amazing platform with tremendous opportunities, because the more you are active in it, the greater the chances of gaining new clients. New customers mean more income!

Social Activism on Instagram

Nowadays there is no reason to remain silent about the various events that take place around the world. Not when you now have the opportunity to raise your voice even through a comment, post, or story through social networks, especially through Instagram! Actually, Instagram has been a very important factor for many issues to resonate in all countries of the world!

On Instagram, different organizations and people cultivate and mobilize their users for different issues and causes in order to get their support!

We are witnessing many injustices in the world, we are witnessing racism, global warming, animal abuse, abuse of women, and many, many other violations and discriminations that occur continuously. Of course, these injustices and abuses have always been present, they are not something new, but nowadays it is much easier to find out about them, thanks to the media and social networks!

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And these days, everyone can contribute and express their opinion and their support for various movements that organizations or people undertake to extinguish any violation of human rights, to preserve the planet from further destruction, and to protect animals! You can raise your voice on any issue, precisely through Instagram, by joining the initiatives taken on this platform with incredible impact!

Instagram stories user growth

Instagram stories user growth

Never underestimate the importance of a post, a share, or even a simple hashtag, because many injustices have been exposed and many times justice has been done, through a large number of posts, comments, and stories on Instagram, making their voice heard, regardless of where they live and their social status!

Influencers on Instagram

Influencers on Instagram are people who use their accounts to display their creativity through various topics, such as traveling, fashion, food, photography, painting, and many other niches! The advantage of this category is that anyone can become an Influencer, you just have to be creative and authentic. Of course, you also have to have a strong personality! And the other fact is that there is not a certain number of followers that a person must have to become an influencer!

As an influencer, you need to build connections with your followers. You should be as active as possible with posts, stories, Instagram Live and you should always be ready to respond to those who find inspiration in you. Also, you need to be tolerant of criticism and advice, in order to be formed even more as a person but also as an influencer. Once you have established a consolidated base of followers and admirers, you can easily attract the attention of any brand or business that is willing to cooperate with you!

Instagram Is a Favorite for Influencer Marketing

Instagram Is a Favorite for Influencer Marketing

This means that you can benefit financially from different brands, who want to promote their product through your account. And seeing the ever-evolving Instagram, you can very easily create a revenue base through various sponsors. Of course, this depends on whether your content continues to be of quality and growth over time!

So if you have an idea, you are creative, authentic, and have a strong and admirable character, you can join the world of influencers, just focus on one niche, present it in front of others and always be original, who knows, maybe within a period you will have touched the success we all constantly seek. Don’t forget the importance of Instagram!