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We all already know that Instagram is the most popular social media platform and one of the favorite platforms for people all around the world. That’s why we figured it would be of use to list the top 5 Instagram influencers on the rise in 2020.

With over 1 billion active users, Instagram is becoming more than just a photo-sharing social network. People are also using it for financial gain, to make a difference in the world, to inspire people in different ways and of course, some people use Instagram, to show others how they live their life!

However, there are those who use Instagram, not only to follow the people they admire, but also to discover different people in whom they find inspiration to achieve the things they aim for, or even for life overall!

Their importance

Therefore, we will talk about influencers, their importance, especially for those without global fame or that do not represent a big brand. We will talk about authentic influencers who with their simplicity can be an inspiration for anyone and anytime!

So, in this article, we will focus on some influencers that with their Instagram accounts, try to make a difference in people’s lives, to inspire others to follow their passions and turn them into daily life activities, and certainly to push people to be their authentic selves.

So, here is a list of five people who deserve merits more than they are actually given. With their extraordinary posts, with their beautiful art-work at the same time uplifting, they convey to people extremely warm feelings!

The top 5 Instagram influencers on the rise in 2020 are:

  1. C.R Tan
  2. Fat Girls Traveling
  3. Natalie Myers
  4. Alyssa Rose
  5. Adorian Deck

C.R Tan

C.R Tan is a professional photographer, food & props stylist and entrepreneur. He is known for his wonderful photographs, especially those of food. With his amazing shots, every food looks extremely tasty and irresistible. He deserved a place among the 5 Instagram influencers on the rise.

But how did he manage to become a photographer and food stylist?

Like any other human being, he had no idea what to do with his life or what path to follow. Bur, he knew he had to make a decision, and he decided to stop his education and focus on his craft.

In an interview for CNA LIFESTYLE, he said it was never his plan to become a photographer.

In fact, his real passion was the art of cooking, a passion that would grow from a hobby to an aspiration! Photography came later on. At first, he started as a food blogger, then he transitioned to a freelance photographer.

And what a wonderful choice he made. It certainly was not easy as he himself says in the same interview (, but he knew that he had to follow his heart, even though there was no guarantee that the path he had chosen would work out! Of course, he has worked hard to be where he is today. But the hard work has definitely been rewarded and today he is a well-known photographer and food stylist, who collaborates with various brands and important people.

The reason we have selected him for our list of important influencers is for the fact that C.R Tan, is an extraordinary example for those who want to pursue their dreams!

C.R Tan's Instagram page

C.R Tan’s Instagram page

Fat Girls Traveling

The main reason why we have chosen Fatgirlstraveling for our list of influencers is that is dedicated to reminding people that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. No one can define beauty. It also reminds people, that self-love must be primary and unwavering. This way others will love and appreciate you too. If not, it’s their loss, not yours! It would’ve been a shame to exclude them from the 5 Instagram influencers on the rise.

Another factor is that it highlights the great importance and extraordinary impact that traveling has on human life. Fatgirlstraveling encourages people to share through videos and photos via their page, places they visit and talking about the people, culture, traditions, structure, and nature of those places. Thus, everyone has the opportunity to see new places, learn about them, and why not, they can put them on their list of upcoming trips and travelings.

It’s amazing what such an initiative can do, no matter how small it may be, its power and importance should never be underestimated.  It gives you hope and confidence when you realize that there are people like those behind Fatgirlstraveling, who with their passion, love and authenticity, inspire people and help them be themselves, and encourages them to love and accept themselves as they are.

Fat Girls Traveling's Instagram

Fat Girls Traveling’s Instagram

Natalie Myers

One of the most attractive and interesting crafts is that of interior design. Is a growing profession, because people are starting to show interest in this particular kind of art, which can be quite lucrative. Of course, it’s not easy to become an interior designer, because it’s a job that requires a different kind of passion, a lot of talent and it is understandable you must have quite a vision!

However, this doesn’t mean that isn’t impossible to be an interior designer. Thankfully, there are many courses you can take in order to develop the talent you potentially have!

For all those who are interested, or for those who have already chosen the profession of interior design as a career, we invite you to follow Natalie Mayers, who is the ideal person to set an example for this very special profession.

She is an award-winning interior designer, which will not surprise you after seeing her amazing work. What sets Natalie apart in this area apart from others, is the fact that she contains extraordinary skills and knowledge of a variety of different styles, ideas, and concepts. Behind her work lies pure vision and logic. Each of her projects turns into a work of art.

Natalie Myers's Instagram

Natalie Myers’s Instagram

A perfect environment!

Natalie, with her unparalleled talent and passion, creates an extraordinary atmosphere and charm. She has the ability to make the most of any space, thus creating a perfect environment. Also, she contains the ability to make the most of any space, thus creating a perfect environment. Natalie has an amazing taste, just look at the colors, shades, and techniques that she uses on her projects. Breathtaking.

Of course, Natalie deserves a place in our list of influencers, because in her art-work you can find inspiration, curiosity, and desire to know more about the art of interior design.

Alyssa Rose

The art of photography is one of the most unique arts of extraordinary importance. Nowadays, photography can be a great career choice. However, being a photographer may seem pretty easy but the truth is different.  Photography is among the most competitive crafts out there, due to the fact that many people have started to choose this art form as their life profession. So, being a successful photographer requires talent, skills, a lot of dedication, discipline, desire, and passion!

So, for our list of influencers, we have chosen a person who meets all the criteria of being an amazing photographer!

Meet Alyssa Rose, a wonderful photographer who with her brilliant artsy work touches people’s lives in different and multiple ways.

We invite you to visit her Instagram profile, to understand why we chose her as an influencer.

Alyssa is a great example, in whose work, people can find the necessary inspiration to practice what they are passionate about!

what makes Alyssa a special photographer, is that she does not just have one photography niche, as you can see that she takes pictures of people, objects, and nature. She has everything a person needs to have, in order to become a successful photographer with a bright future.

So, we believe you understand, why Alyssa deserves a place on our list of influencers who deserve more attention than they currently have!

Alyssa Rose's Instagram

Alyssa Rose’s Instagram

Adorian Deck

There are people who use their time in life to the maximum and in a highly structured way.  They always find time and space for everything that fills and gives meaning to their lives! And so must each of us, if we want to live a life as fulfilling as possible. We need to construct our time as best as we can in order to get the best out of our lives.

For this, we have chosen as an example Adorian Deck, a simple man who builds his life around the most valuable things to him. At first glance, it seems as if he doesn’t do anything extraordinary, but if you analyze it carefully, you realize that he does what he needs and it’s enough to live a happy life. He enjoys every moment in his life. Even the simplest ones, like having a morning coffee, reading a book, or even a walk in the park!

As we mentioned above, he finds the time needed for anything that gives meaning to his life. He travels, he watches movies and tv shows, and one of his favorite activities that he is passionate about and practices the most is running.

But we will not talk more about him, because we want to let you see for yourself why we chose him for our list of influencers. You can follow him on Instagram. He also owns his youtube channel, where he occasionally posts various videos from his daily life.

Adorian Deck's Instagram

Adorian Deck’s Instagram

Those are our 5 Instagram influencers on the rise that we have chosen for this article. We hope they get even more attention and credits because they definitely deserve it. So what ate you waiting? Start following them!