Top 5 Travel Tips for Your South Africa Vacation

Are you going to travel to South Africa? We can help you with some travel tips. The country has become a popular destination for holidays, it is a country with beautiful beaches, divided between the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, safaris, wineries, extreme sports, great prices, and if you like it to bet, this is the right place.

South Africa offers an incredible experience for its travelers, if you are looking for the next destination of your vacation trip, this text can convince you by giving you some tips on what to do, where to stay, how many to spend, and many other tips. Want to see more travel tips? enter our Travel page.

Tip 1: When to travel to South Africa

It all depends on what you are looking for on your trip, if you want to enjoy the summer in the country, then the best time is from December to January, you can enjoy the weather, the beautiful beaches and also visit the safaris. If you are looking to escape the tourists and still enjoy the warm weather, the best time to travel is from March to June, the temperature is not so hot, but it is still possible to enjoy the beauties.

Tip 2: Where to stay

To make your trip easier, we have also gathered here three accommodations in our travel tips according to prices and what each one is planning to spend on their trip to South Africa.

  • Cheap hotel/hostel – Once in Cape Town is a great hotel for those who don’t want to spend a lot and is located in Gardens, in Cape Town. The rooms are simple and the daily rates start at $ 30.
  • Mid-Range Hotels – Park Inn Sandton: This hotel is located in a great place, in Sandton, one of the best neighborhoods in Johannesburg, close to Nelson Mandela Square. The hotel has a swimming pool, gym, and restaurant, daily rates vary around $ 100.
  • 5-star hotels – For those who want to save money, the Sabi Sabi Reserve is incredible and is in the middle of the African savannah. The hotel is connected to the Kruger National Park, where you will find a spa, art gallery, a pool bar, and a luxurious restaurant. Daily rates start at $ 600.

Tip 3: Visiting the Biggest Casino in South Africa

Many people are looking to travel to South Africa for great casinos. In addition to all the beauties of landscapes and culture, Africa is a great tourist spot for those who want to have fun gambling on their holidays. You can visit GrandWest Casino & Entertainment World, the largest casino in the country, located in Cape Town. With coronavirus restrictions, according to the numbers that the country is going through, it is possible to find closed casinos, but if you want to have the Casino experience anywhere, you can find some of the best online casinos in South Africa at Kiff Slots.

Tip 4: Keep some money in cash

In South Africa, the digital economy is not as far in development as most of the European countries. A lot of markets etc., don’t take cards. Therefore it can be good to keep some money in your pocket.

Whenever we take a trip, we need to worry about the country’s currency. It helps to understand the value of the money and how much you can spend. South Africa’s currency is the Rand, whose symbol is “ZAR.”. It is available in 5 notes (R10, R20, R50, R100, and R200) ​​and seven coins (5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, R1, R2, and R5). Currently, 1 dollar is worth about 16 Rands.

Tip 5: Dress for the weather

Our bonus tip for those who are going to travel to the country is geared to what to wear. As we said above, the country has high temperatures, so if you travel in the summer take light clothes and also a raincoat, as it is the rainiest season. In South Africa, winters are not as harsh as Americans and Europeans. However, there are still very cold days, especially in regions like the Drakensberg.

How about starting your South Africa experience from your own homes? As we have shown, the country is a great region for those who like to bet.